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An air-conditioned house when you come home from work. Walkways that light up at sunset.
Locks, music and energy efficient automation that take care of themselves when your hands are
full or you’re ready for bed.

Smart gadgets are cool. But a truly smart home is a seamless, interconnected system that
knows what you need even before you say a thing. It’s your home, just the way you like it.

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Home Automation

Our home automation service is about designing a home tailor-made to your lifestyle. We take the time to learn about how you live and preset your system to eliminate day-to-day inconveniences. Morning settings. After-work settings. Dinner settings. Study settings. Lights out, alarms activated, doors locked. It’s all preconfigured to make life easier and more magical.

Full Service Setup

With Six Point Technology, it’s not just smart technology but the peace of mind that comes with having a professional,
thoughtful human take care of it for you. We’re in it for the long haul. Ask about our service plans to have us check on your system and make sure everything is working. We’ll communicate with you and show up when we say we’ll
show up. While we’re there, we can answer any questions and look out for improvements to make things even easier. And when we’re not around, our monitoring service can keep an eye on your system functions so we know if something is wrong – and work on resolving the issue before you even notice.

Remote Control

Watching the game but need to make dinner? With the touch of a button, you can seamlessly extend the audio on the patio speakers while you fire up the grill. Need to let the cleaning help in but still out shopping? Unlock your f ont door remotely. Out of town? Check in on the house, with cameras streaming right to your phone.
With smart systems like Control4, you can control it all with one simple, easy-to-use phone app. Use your single, smart remote to smoothly do all the things that used to take the fun out of the first few minutes of movie night. Turn on the TV, receiver and DVD with one tap. Change channels and adjust volume. Everything you need is at your fingertips, ready to carry out your bidding.

Revel in a home of the future. The future is now.

Technology Concierge

We're the one, friendly call for all technology needs in your home or business.

Home Technologies

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Business Technologies

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Talk to us about your technology needs. We'll help you weigh your tech options so you can make more informed decisions. It's just one call and you're covered. Ask us anything, we're here for you.

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